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Feb. 18th, 2009

-Ice cream coughs!
-Biting off the tip of an ice cream cone and sucking the ice cream through
-Google RSS feeds
-Rain or snow hitting a spotlight and turning into steam
-White cheddar
-Small family traditions
-Happy couples holding hands on Valentine’s Day. Melts my cold, black heart
-People holding their partners’ elbows
-How badass grandmothers are at it
-Grilled peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches
-Honey and vinegar
-Foods that remind you of home
-Authors reading their work aloud
-Audiences laughing at all the funny parts, and going silent at the sad ones
-Reading about famous American authors of the 1970s
-A strange nostalgia for authors and characters you know well
-”A small good thing”
-Literature-inspired tattoos
-Commercials with multiracial couples
-Being able to actually hear snow falling
-Lemony hummus
-"Heart of the Matter", Don Henley
-The way your mind is able to differentiate between "I read the newspaper every morning" and "I read the newspaper yesterday" before you even get to the time words!
-Milk "blooming" in your coffee
-Giddily anticipating a snow storm
-The gossip all day long about whether school will be cancelled the following day
-The familiar pink and white color-coded snowfall map
-A pannini with marinated chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheese, and herbed mayo on foccacia. Add bacon, if you do that
-Unexpected snow days!
-Eclectically-organized bookshelves
-Pacing while talking on the phone
-Scrambled eggs with cheese and rice
-Matt Damon’s nose
-Making Liz Lemon noises ("blerg", "glarg", "lech")
-Mouths stained blue from frosting
-Stretching loudly and obscenely

Jan. 31st, 2009

-Crusty bread with soft, warm insides
-Sweaters and snow on the beach
-Mariah Carey
-Waking up on Sunday mornings to a silent, snow-covered city
-Hot cocoa with a cinnamon stick
-An over-cast sky before a storm
-Smooth pebbles at the bottom of a creek bed
-Bath and Body Work's Breathe: Comfort

Jan. 20th, 2009

-President Barack H. Obama
-That adorable, tiny yella will be mella man
-President Obama’s classical music smile. Come on!
-Eating ice cream right out of the carton!
-Having two pints going at the same time!
-That point in a sleepless night where you have to choose if you are 1) going to sleep, 2) going to take sleeping pills, or 3) going to stay up all night-- even though you always choose wrong